Selling Apple Cisco Business Outcomes Training

Course Duration
1 Day

Course Outline
This 1-day instructor-led or WebEx delivered sales course has been designed to provide attendees with a clear understanding how Apple-Cisco joint solutions can deliver improved user experience and business mobility and how channel partners can better demonstrate value to customers.

Prerequisites & Audience
Some experience opening up business relevant customer conversations identifying & qualifying technology related sales opportunities.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course delegates will understand how to:-

– Examine how Apple & Cisco joint solutions can deliver improved user experience and business mobility;
– Recognise that the behaviour, engagement and productivity of the end-user are the key drivers behind business mobility and the rapidly changing digital enterprise;
– Understand what improving user experience really means to customers and the related business mobility drivers and challenges;
– Engage more confidently with customers around improving user experience and business mobility and making the business case for it;
– Identify and engage with different stakeholders on Apple-Cisco joint solutions to improving user experience and business mobility and go on to successfully qualify related opportunities;
– Examinations of use-cases to better visualize Apple-Cisco joint solutions.

Course Topics

Module 1 –Market Landscape and Customer Agendas

– The Digital Enterprise
– Business context reviewed;
– Consumer driven IT;
– Security landscape
– Key elements for digital transformation (Apps, Devices & Network)
– How to Enable the End-User:
– Discussion: Who is the End-User?
– Personas and expectations;
– Social, mobile, accessible, and data-driven work environments;
– Improving User Experience.
– Customer Value Propositions, Agendas and Business Outcomes:
– Understanding the customers value proposition and business model;
– Exercise: Completing a Business Model Canvas;
– Strategic, Line of Business, and IT business outcomes;
– Setting the new business agenda.

Module 2 – Apple-Cisco Joint Solutions high-level overview

– Benefits of Apple-Cisco partnership
– What’s in it for Cisco Channel Partners
– Improve User Experience: Optimize & Prioritize Business Applications:
– Discussion: What happens today?
– Network Optimisation for iOS;
– Quality of Service (QOS) and enhanced visibility for iOS apps;
– Prioritizing business apps and Fast Lane Configuration Profiles;
– Cache iOS & App updates and pre-position content on WAN edge;
– Wi-Fi connectivity roaming and service assurance for iOS devices.
– Improve User Experience: Enterprise Voice on iPhone:
– Improve mobile call experience for business users;
– Attach Cisco Collaboration cloud subscription to iPhone.
– Improve User Experience: Enable Team Collaboration:
– Integration between Cisco Collaboration portfolio and Apple.

Module 3 – Exploring & demonstrating specific capabilities across the solution stack:

– iOS Devices supported
– Caching:
– Cisco Intelligent WAN – 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers with Application Experience (AX);
– Akamai Connect (caching).
– Network Infrastructure:
– Enterprise wireless infrastructure upgrade to 802.11ac;
– Multigigabit Ethernet-capable switching;
– Cisco Meraki System Manager for managing Apple devices (MDM).
– Cisco WebEx and Spark;
– Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Video infrastructure, desk phones, and video endpoints;
– Demonstration of Apple and Cisco integration;
– Demonstration of user experience when caching with Cisco Intelligent WAN and Akamai Connect.

Module 4 – Articulating the business value of Apple & Cisco joint solutions:

– Understanding the Apple & Cisco Architectural value proposition
– Use-cases by vertical examined
– Exercise: Based on a customer scenario, to develop a framework of trigger questions to ask the customer in order to identify and qualify an Apple & Cisco joint solution opportunity;
– Stakeholder management (including customer relationship management) and objection handling;
– Presenting the business case.

Module 5 – Resources for the channel partner:

– Competitive take-out play;
– Refresh and upgrade networking, wireless and collaboration infrastructure to be ready for future Apple-Cisco joint capabilities available via SW upgrades
– SalesConnect;
– Other signposts to useful sales and pre-sales resources.

Module 6 – Summary and Close

– Cisco local theatre input
– NFR (Not for Resale), Cisco Unified Workspace for Partners, and WebEx Everywhere programs;
– Downloading Cisco Spark and Cisco WebEx;
– Cisco dCloud;
– Call to Action – Adopt and Sell Now:
– Qualify the customer;
– Set-up customer meetings;
– Account planning workshop (optional).
– Wrap.

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