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Cluster Learning adopts a consultative approach to learning by understanding the needs of the business alongside the needs of the individual learners to create a balanced learning program that is optimized for success. Success criteria are agreed with all clients so that they can be measured for return on investment and pay back reporting. Business value is realized by having clear learning program objectives, an effective & flexible learning program and a motivated learner community.

Cluster Learning is not just the name of our business but a learning methodology! Cluster based learning is described below.

Cluster based learning encourages continual learning in the workplace so that learning becomes part and parcel of your everyday working life as opposed to training which is event focused. For continual learning to be a success you need to place the learner at the center of the learning process and immerse them with an array of easy to access learning assets – the Learning Cluster. This learner centric learning allows the learner to decide what, how, where and when they learn and of course the commercial value is optimized when this is within an agreed commercial framework that is supported by the business. Cluster based learning bridges theory and technical training exercises to reinforce learning by discovery. Experience shows us that learning by discovery is the most effective way for learners to retain the knowledge that they have learned therefore helping to maximize the ROI case.

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