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Cluster Learning drives profitability for Vendors, Channel Partners and their Customers through the successful adoption of new technologies and services by selling business outcomes.

We are an accredited Cisco Learning Partner and Business Learning Partner delivering our services globally in local language.

If you are a Vendor you can assess and qualify which Partners will give you the greatest return from your Partner Enablement investment using our online Channel Readiness services. We can enable your reseller Partners with our sales and technical educational and demand generation services. We also drive the consumption of your technologies and services through our Customer Adoption services.

If you are a Partner we help you evaluate the exact needs of your organisation, teams and individuals so that we can deliver you an optimised Partner Enablement program to increase your profitability.

If you are a Customer we help you justify the commercial and technical business case for your investment in new technologies and work with you to ensure successful Customer Adoption to realise your Business Outcomes.

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Spend your Partner Enablement budgets on less Partners for a greater return with our Channel Readiness services.

Our Channel Readiness services will help you to assess your reseller channel on their suitability to deliver targeted campaigns based on Certifications, Capability and Capacity using our online Tools.

We will work with you on the selection criteria so the results will guide you to qualify in and qualify out Partners that require enablement such as training and mentoring described in the Partner Enablement section below.

These services are delivered virtually using our online Tool Set to easily support your global initiatives. Using our Channel Readiness services you will enjoy a quicker time to market for new technologies through a fully enabled and supported Channel.


Increase Your Profits

We can help you drive your profitability by being very successful at selling and supporting new technologies into your new and existing Customers through Partner Enablement training.

Sell More

We work with your sales leadership and teams to help you be more effective in selling higher and wider in your Customers using our Business Outcomes and CapEx/OpEx Financial Business Case justification sales training.

Support your Customers Better

Using our technical enablement training, we work with your technical leadership and teams to help you to be more capable in specifying, deploying and supporting new technologies to your Customers.

Retain Effective People

Effective people are happy people. The more you invest in helping your staff become more effective the more successful you will become. Our services will help you to identify, enable and retain good people.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers are now buying based on experience. We can help you to deliver Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service Excellence by working with your teams to be ambassadors for your business by adding value to every Customer interaction.

Spend Less Time & Money on More Effective Training

Strange words from a training provider? We don’t think so. All of our Partner Enablment programs are business case driven and optimised around specific needs rather than training for the sake of it.

Customer Success

How to drive successful adoption of new technologies in your Customer:

  • Build adoption services into the ROI of the CapEx financial business case
  • Build adoption services into the OpEx financial business case
  • Generate demand using our Technology SpotLight service
  • Pre handle any objections with commercial & technical justification
  • Align sales, pre-sales and post sales resources
  • Offer Customer Assurance using validated designs
  • Ensure deployments are successful using our implementation training
  • Drive consumption using our Customer Adoption services

Our Customer Adoption Services include:

  • New technology investment business case justification services
  • Business Case Discovery services
  • “New ways of doing business” coaching for Business Leaders
  • Top down deployments for user cascaded training
  • IT Department support training
  • Administration and Lobby Assistant training
  • Customised user guides
  • Train-the-Trainer Customer Adoption training also available for Channel Partners

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